TRG 1, TRG 2, TRG 3, TRG 4

TR1 for driving L8 sheets and light H beams 
TR2 for driving L8 sheets, small larssen piles and for hard ground conditions 
TR 3 for driving small Larssen piles, trench sheets and H beams 
TR 4 for driving Larssen piles

We have four sizes of these free hanging hydraulic impact piling hammers, designed to fit excavators / cranes from 2.5 tonne upwards. They are capable of running directly from the hydraulic system on the machine or alongside a separate hydraulic power pack. Hammers can be supplied or modified with various accessories to suit individual needs making them versatile across installation of piles, posts, RSJs etc.

The main advantages are:

Hydraulic Hammers
  • No exhaust gas or oil

  • Less vibration

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil

  • Low cost of operation

  • Easy to operate & maintain

  • Adjustable hammer impact stroke

  • Frequency

  • Highly efficient

  • No compressor needed

Download Hydraulic Hammers pdf 

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