We have a range of hydraulic post drivers for hire to suit machines from 1.5 to 5 tonnes. Specialist driving caps can be fabricated to suit individual applications.

Especially suited to driving posts for the installation of nicospan and coir rolls.


JCB Beaver Pack

The modern alternative to pneumatic breakers for asphalt and concrete. This mobile, heavy-duty breaker combines high-performance with low operator fatigue. It is a vibration damped breaker, ensuring comfort for the user. It has a 6 m detachable hose. Will break up to 300 mm. Powered by small petrol engine power pack.

These can also have a post driver attachment fitted to them.

Hydraulic breakers

SD21, SD22 & SD23

We have a range of hydraulic breakers suitable for different applications.

The SD21 can be mounted on machines from 1 to 3 tonnes.
The SD22 can be mounted on machines from 3 to 4.5 tonnes.
The SD23 can be mounted on machines from 4 to 6 tonnes.

Hydraulic Breakers



Download Hydraulic Breakers pdf